On the River Yare to Norwich - CPM Photography

Day 3 on the Norfolk Broads, and another leisurely day travelling up the river Yare to the beautiful city of Norwich, where we were going to stay for 2 nights. 

Another day, another windmill, or rather the remnants of a windmill.

This is "Norton Marsh Mill" and is privately owned.

The Norfolk Broads are not devoid of industry. 

This large factory complex at the side of the river is Cantley sugar factory. Giving employment to many in this rural area.

I took many shots of this complex for HDR rendering later. But they are not included in this blog.

The tug boat "Libert'e". Restored to it's original condition by it's private owner.

Moored up at Buckenham Sailing Club wharf. 

Almost at Norwich..Just a few more miles to go and we pass the Beauchamp Arms riverside pub & restaurant. A little early for food though, so we didn't stop.

Finally, Journey's end. The Yacht station in the centre of Norwich. This was going to be our base for a couple of nights whilst we explored the city and met up with our Son who was travelling up from London to spend a day with us. 

This delightful gateway was originally the entrance to a short man made canal. Built by a man called "John Pull", it was used to ferry stone right up to the building site of the cathedral.

Evening time in Norwich. Time to get something to eat and then settle down for the night in the heart of the city.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs.

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Cliff Miller. August 2015.

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    Susan Ferguson

    on August 13, 2015

    beautiful photos cliff well worth the wait thank you for sharing photos of your holiday thank you Susan x