Around Norwich Cathedral - CPM Photography

Day four. Up at 5am to take the dogs out for a walk. Back to the boat, a quick coffee and then off with the camera at 6am to capture the Cathedral in all it's glory in the early morning sunshine.

Leaving the boat marina, the first view of the morning is the bridge over the river Wensum.

This is "Bishopgate" bridge and was originally built in the 13th century.

Bishopgate is one of the oldest streets in Norwich and the view of the cathedral spire is spectacular.

Entering the grounds of the Cathedral is a small lane called "The Close". A beautiful place to live, if you can afford it !

Into the grounds that surround the cathedral. It was so very quiet in the early morning, and the light was perfect for photography. Here are a few images taken of the cathedral as I strolled through the precinct around the building.

Ethelbert Gate.

This leads directly from the city centre into the sedate grounds of the Cathedral.Pictured here before the traffic and pedestrians start to arrive.

My time was running short and I had to get back to the boat, so, leaving the cathedral precinct, I took a short alleyway back to the river.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at the pictures of Norwich Cathedral and surrounding area, as much as enjoyed taking them. I hope I have done them justice with my photography.

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Many Thanks

Cliff Miller. August 2015.

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