A Day On The River Bure - CPM Photography

Day 2 on the Norfolk Broads, and we spent a leisurely  day travelling down the river Bure to it's final stretch situated in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth. Not many photographs for this section as I was mainly piloting the boat and could not take photographs at the same time.

St Benet's Abbey.

All that now remains of this once magnificent edifice is the gateway, shown below, upon the walls of which a draining mill has been erected .

The mill probably ceased operating for the last time when the cap was blown off during a gale in 1863.

The Broads are littered with old drainage mills from the days before electric pumps.

This one...."Oby Drainage Mill" has not been in use for many years and probably lost it's sails shortly after being made redundant. 

The shed does not look as though it is a better condition either. 

The Stacey Arms Wind Pump (windmill) was built in 1883 by Robert Barnes of Great Yarmouth.

The mill has been restored to working order by the "Norfolk Windmills Trust", and now contains a photographic display of the history of Broads drainage mills.

It is open to the public during the Spring and Summer months.

Everyone takes different things from the Broads...I, enjoy the photography. These Ladies were content to sit or lay back and watch the world go by as they travelled down to Great Yarmouth.

Only a short section for this page.

I did not have very much time for photography on this section of our journey.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs.

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Cliff Miller. August 2015.

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