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The name "Nocturnal Images" is meant to invoke the time of day represented in the following images. I got into this type of photography mainly because the late winter and early springtime in the year 2015 was noted for producing dark cloudy overcast dawns. So getting out of bed to photograph the early morning light and resultant sunrise's became a constant disappointment week after week. I'd made the effort, got out of bed and gone out with my camera only to find it so dark and dismal. Not to be defeated, I turned my camera lens on the streets, alleyways and buildings of Scarborough, deserted in the early morning gloom. Of course the resultant photographs were not in a fit state to show without manipulation in Photoshop etc. That is why on this blog page I refer to them as "Images" and not "Photographs". Of course All photography does not stop at the camera, but these images have had more manipulation than your normal everyday landscape shot would need. I'm not sure if they will be liked and appreciated for Arts sake only...but I enjoyed producing them.

No...not a morning shot for my first contribution.

This was taken at "Admiralty Arch" at the end of "The Mall" London on a rainy evening in March 2013. My family and I were down there moving our Son into his flat. His first Job and his first experience of living away from home apart from his uni days.

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Taken on Quay Street in the old town quarter of Scarborough on a dark February morning 2015.

I love the old timber framed building and the Gas Lamp" shaped modern lighting adds to the scene. One of the reasons I like to photograph in the old part of Scarborough is because the council have wisely replaced nearly all the street lighting with authentic looking lamps from the "Gas" era...though of course...electricity lit.

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Another cloudy morning...This time I took to the beach. It was low tide and I could get far enough away from the buildings to get some reflections from the lit windows. The large building in the picture is the "Grand Hotel" and though, not as Grand" as it originally was, it is still an imposing building and a photographic icon of Scarborough.

When built it contained
4 towers.....the same as season's in a year.
12 floors.... the same as months in a year.
365 rooms...the same as days in the year.

I always wonder if it was a coincidence or deliberate.

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I could never decide which image depicted the scene best. So, I put them both on here for comments.

Taken in the "Old Town" of Scarborough on "Merchant's Row", another beautiful example of a timber framed building with archway for coaches and wagons etc.

A lot of work went into the production of this image. The beautiful roadway was ruined by the usual urban double yellow "no parking" lines and the wall was decorated with a brand new BT fibre telecommunications cabinet in green painted steel. Neither did anything to enhance the had to go.

When it comes to my photography...What you see through the lens, is definitely NOT what you end up with......Hope the purists don't mind.

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York...My favourite City.
I could spend hours and hours walking around this old but beautiful City.
Only an hour away from home, I visit as often as I can.

Out of all my "Nocturnal Images" ...This is one of my favourites. I was lucky to get this shot at
a time of day when there were few people on the street, and mark my word, This is one of the busiest streets in York. It;s a must, on anyone's tourist list. 

St Helen's Square. Scarborough & the "Shakespeare Inn".

I have actually never been in and told the landlord that I have taken this photo.
I maybe should, He/she may like it, they may not. That's a chance I maybe should take...when I pluck up enough courage !

Taken once again, in the cloudy early morning's of late winter 2015. I once again went out looking to photograph the no avail. So, I turned my camera lens on building's in the old town.