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Beginings : Photography is my Passion

London Eye and the River Thames

London : August 2006.

This is where the journey begins.
I  have always loved photography in a basic sort of way, you know, shots of the family, holiday destinations, days out etc etc.
My other passion that I have had since a child has been railways, and so, in the  late 1990's I put both together and went off photographing trains.... The problem is, That is all I did. Photograph trains. I loved it, but needed another string to my bow, another challenge for me to try and succeed at.

Then came my trip to London in the summer of 2006. 
My work took me down to the capitol for 8 days. My time was flexible, so, as long as the work was completed I had time to roam with my camera. And roam I did...You guessed it, I roamed around all the busy rail junctions and railway stations photographing trains of all shapes and colours, and, I enjoyed it. I thought that life could not supply me with anything more enjoyable until I took a walk along the Thames in the evening. The vista of the city and the lights twinkling as evening came on made me want to photograph everything. I had no idea what I was doing, never having photographed anything in fading light. I also was well aware that I needed a tripod with me for time exposures, That, unfortunately was back at home in Scarborough, So, I had to compromise. I rolled up my jumper into a cushion placed it on the walls or any surface flat, and resting the camera on it, with difficulty, took my time exposures. The results are not anywhere brilliant, but the memories of my first experience of creating something out of a simple digital file will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The London Eye dominates the scene here. Taken from Westminster bridge. London 2006.
Taken with my first digital SLR camera. A Canon 10D

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Dawn Breaking Over London

The next visit I made to London in the summer of 2013. I was prepared. I took along a small lightweight tripod. This shot involved getting up very early in the morning to capture the early light that I have come to love so much in my photography journey. I love the cool colours in the morning light as the city wakes up for another day.Taken from the south bank. July 2013.

By this time I was using my trusty Canon 7D..I love this camera and still use it today in 2017.

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